University of Technology Sydney

85815 Independent Practice Project B

12cp; 6hpw, directed studio time (discipline specific), on campus
Requisite(s): 85814 Independent Practice Project A
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This subject involves producing and realising a significant design project as a direct continuation of concepts presented at the end of 85814 Independent Practice Project A. Leading the implementation of a design concept, students develop the processes required to realise and refine sophisticated design outcomes ready for presentation. Informed and inspired by the work completed concurrently in 85811 Research Paper B and 85813 Design Advocacy, students continue to develop expertise in their relevant design disciplines of either Fashion & Textiles, Product Design, Visual Communication or Photography. The final artefacts and the recorded process of their development embody and situate theories, principles, values, and strategies of broader implication and do so impactfully and persuasively as skilfully crafted design outcomes to engage and encourage meaningful discourse. This subject can be thought of as the second and final phase of the Honours Project.

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