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85701 Research Based Designing

Requisite(s): (85502 Researching Design Histories AND 85503 Thinking Through Design AND (85506 Design Differences: Intercultural Asia OR 85601 Design Futures: Business Innovation OR 85504 Design Futures: Sustainable Lifestyles OR 85500 Design Futures: Creative Technologies) AND 85603c Interdisciplinary Design Experience: Undergraduate)
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The quality and innovativeness of professional designing depends upon careful and creative research. This subject introduces students to a range of methods and strategies appropriate to design processes through which designers can acquire valid and insightful understandings of the contexts in which they are designing. Students also learn through project work how to select research strategies most appropriate to the focus of each design project. In addition, the subject enhances the evaluative and argumentation skills of the students, both in terms of analysing collected data and presenting research findings to design teams, clients and stakeholders.

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Spring session, City campus

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