University of Technology Sydney

84909 Product Design and Sustainability

6cp; weekly workshop, 1.5hpw. Studio 1.5hpw or assigned presentation time.
Requisite(s): 84611 Integrated Product Design AND 84117 Product Design Communication B


This subject explores the challenges and opportunities associated with sustaining and revitalising healthy ecologies on planet earth, at a time of sigificant environmental and technological change. Recognition of the importance of the present moment as a time of transition, and the need for design that can enable positive human responses to feedback from the dynamic systems that we participate in and depend upon, are starting points for a commitment to the principles of sustainable design. Students are introduced to a range of strategies to address the sustainability of designed products and product-enabled practices. The focus will be on the roles and impacts of designed products, including both whole-of-life impacts of the product's materials and form, and the roles played by products in shaping sustainable or unsustainable attitudes and behaviours. Through studio projects, students develop values-based product design proposals that can help us realise more promising relations within planetary eco-systems.

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Autumn session, City campus

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