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84907 Product Design Honours Project Research and Development B

12cp; 1 recorded lecture uploaded to UTS Online, 4.5hpw (research studio)
Requisite(s): 84905 Product Design Honours Project Conceptualisation AND 84908 Product Design Honours Project Research and Development A


This subject constitutes part two of the design research stage where students address an issue that aligns to a particular field of the product design discipline, following the formative research that produced a design concept in 84908 Product Design Honours Project Research and Development A. The subject is project-driven and combines design research methods, strategies and techniques to support the realisation of the product design project. Students continue to gather, record and analyse information through primary research as they rationalise and formalise their concept into a physical artifact, while refining and finalising the record of their design process – a practice-based research methodology. A key focus of the subject is to support and strengthen the progression and communication of the research conducted in the honours course with sophistication, professionalism and academic competency.

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