University of Technology Sydney

84902 Industrial Design Major Project: Research and Conceptualisation

Requisite(s): 84122 Ergonomics and Industrial Design AND 84130 Product Technology AND 84133 Industrial Design Theory AND 84134 Industrial Design Professional Communication


This is a project driven subject focused on researched-based designing. Throughout it students produce a design project brief and a number of conceptual designs. The brief is developed through engagement of appropriate research methodologies. These include but are not limited to background contextual research; theoretical conceptual investigation; situation analysis; problem-statement; and statement of aims, methods and outcomes and technological mapping. The brief development should be further informed by contextual exploration through in-depth observation, interviewing or probing of the social context. The conceptual designs should evidence explorations of form, function, ritual-of-use, ergonomics, product life cycle, materials and technologies.

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