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84813 Product Design Professional Communication

6cp; 3hpw (studio) in rotation with 3hpw (computer lab), attendance is recorded and commitment to studio is assessed. For 2020, all studio classes are conducted via zoom in combination with pre-recorded content. The access to the DAB Fabrication Workshop is rostered.
Requisite(s): 84811 Smart Design


Professional communication of design intent at various stages of the design process is critical in ensuring that clients, design team members and various stakeholders are able to understand, participate and respond to the inherit complexities addressed in product design projects. This subject brings together techniques and methods of communication specific to the product design profession through the conduct of a typology-focused design project encompassing research and innovation strategies. It develops students' abilities to evaluate and employ appropriate communication techniques for whatever situation is presented to them. Students develop a deeper understanding of the critical importance of effective communication necessary in professional practice.

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