University of Technology Sydney

83900 Research Realisation: Major Project

24cp; 1hpw (lecture), 4hpw (studio), 0.5hpw (consultation with design supervisor), 0.5hpw (consultation with textile supervisor)
Requisite(s): 83921 Research: Fashion and Textiles Dissertation AND 83922 Research: Professional Practice Identity AND 83923 Research: Fashion Concept Lab



This subject develops students as global citizens, with a focus on ethically and socially engaged and foundational sustainable practices for fashion. Students demonstrate their ability and accumulated knowledge from previous years of study, through the development and realisation of a major body of work. Major Project draws on students research and experimentation undertaken in subject 83923 Fashion Concept Lab, deepening individual student's fashion enquiry and bringing precision and refinement to technical and innovative approaches across garments, textiles and communication of fashion through digital and print media including photoshoots and fashion film. This work is largely self-directed and supported by supervisors with design and textiles expertise. Assessment milestones the progress of the body of work from development to realisation within presentation contexts that supports experiential and performative aspects of the project as well as opportunities to develop skills at professional communication of fashion. On completion of this subject students are prepared for a range of disciplinary and industry-based activities including employment within established fashion professional contexts, independent practice, graduate competition entry and further practice-based academic study.

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Spring session, City campus

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