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82520 Context: Design for 3D and 2D Hybrid Animation

6cp; 3hpw (laboratory session)
Requisite(s): 82420 Context: Animation Character Rigging Advanced
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This subject introduces students to pre-production processes including lighting, staging, texturing and rendering for 2D and 3D computer animation. Modern animation production requires an appreciation of hybrid digital techniques rather than simply one set of craft skills. Drawn animation often involves digital 3D techniques and photgraphic and physical skill sets. The subject aims to examine the crossover of technique from 2D to 3D to physical cinematography in a matrix of production pathways and codependencies. Students engage with how these traditional discipline methods are now necessary in many animated film production. The subject expands on the skills and techniques introduced in 82420 3D Modelling and Rigging Advanced, exploring hybrid production techniques including flat, photographed and 3D-generated imagery.

The subject builds further understanding of the design and production of animation using industry-standard software and work practices. Students are expected to understand broad design processes in the production of 2D traditional, practical and 3D animation.

Students can choose to centre their understanding upon 2D flat-art techniques or 3D digital techniques. In both streams, students gain knowledge of relevant software, demonstrate design and production solutions, and develop creative responses to the problems and tasks presented in class.

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