University of Technology Sydney

81541 Research Proposal

Requisite(s): 81528 New Knowledge-making Lab OR 81521 Envisioning Futures


In this subject, students immerse themselves in a shared research challenge to examine the value of methods from a range of disciplines for investigating, experimenting and generating new knowledge. By doing this they build connections between various approaches and begin to construct a creative transdisciplinary research architecture for their individual projects. As part of the process students identify an audience for their research, consider ethical implications and develop an argument for the proposal, articulating the 'so what', 'why now?', 'why here?', and 'why me?' aspects of their chosen topics. At the conclusion of the subject students present their individual research plan, identifying stakeholders, outlining the milestones as well as a creative rationale for their process of investigation and themselves as transdisciplinary researchers.

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