University of Technology Sydney

80214 Locative and Sensor Design Technologies

Requisite(s): 80064 Interaction-based Designing AND 50846 Situated Media Installation Studio




This subject allows students to specialise in the application of locative and sensor technologies. Locative and related technologies include GPS and other positioning systems, and location awareness through networks and locative devices. Designing with locative technologies requires an understanding of technical protocols, infrastructure and the social, contextual and cultural features that make this technology interesting and relevant in design. Sensor technologies include motion, proximity, climatic condition, bio-data and numerous other sensor types. Like locative technologies, sensors provide information that is sensitive (potentially public or private), real time and contextual. Students examine technical mechanisms for using these technologies, strategies for mapping sensor output to display or interaction, interaction for affecting information and modifying experience, as well as evaluative methodologies for appraising human interaction with designs, including the social causes and motivations for applying locative and sensor enabled design.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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