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80119 Urban Analytics and Digital Representation



Imaging software and video has the potential, when combined with urban metadata, has the potential to deliver ground-breaking technical innovations for urban design. .?Created for urban planners, designers, architects, and landscape architects, this interdisciplinary course shows students how to combine new technologies to make sense of qualitative urban?data, and?apply it in design.

This course?pairs?video with?repurposed?medical imaging software?to?revolutionise the way we collect?urban?data.?You’ll?learn to?map large datasets of cities, pedestrians and traffic, capturing directional movement or seasonal flows of light and activity. Place your cameras, download your freeware and go.?

The curriculum?takes a forensic?approach?to?urban mapping?using the fine-grain, image-based analysis capabilities of?emerging?innovative imaging?systems. This approach allows??ambiguous and often disregarded?aspects?of city life to form a comprehensive data set.?

Through this analytical platform, students learn to synthesise?quantitative and qualitative data,?broadening their understanding of?assessment tools?that can be used for?urban analysis. This approach?also?provides new knowledge?for architects seeking to understand urban transition patterns.?

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