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80115 Introduction to Drones for Built Environment Professionals



Consumer-level UAVs (drones) are now ubiquitous in society and the construction industry, but in Australia, their potential remains largely untapped. This course provides a practical demonstration of how small, consumer-level UAVs can be integrated into various aspects of architectural and landscape architecture office practice.?

This hands-on, office-oriented course demonstrates the many ways in which the aerial perspective can be integrated into architecture, engineering and construction practice.?

Over three days, students become familiar with the utility of UAVs in producing automated site model generation, building and construction site inspection, and?visualisation?support. They learn to plan, carry out and process photographic data to generate rich models and generate exact photographic backgrounds and viewpoints from exact positions.??

They also get to know the fundamentals of open source and proprietary software packages as they relate to UAV technology, both in small and large office and project management contexts, as well as how to integrate resulting data into BIM and other office software tools. The UAV selection, safety and legislative aspects of UAV used in New South Wales is also covered.?

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