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80047 Critical Image Studio: Image Ethics and Portraiture

12cp; 1hpw (interactive lecture) - ONLINE VIA ZOOM 2hpw (tutorial) - ONLINE VIA ZOOM 3hpw (workshop) - FACE TO FACE in DAB Building 6, Level 2
Requisite(s): 80065 Critical Image Studio: Image Activism and Documentary Practice
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This subject develops students' knowledge of contemporary photographic practice and its related histories and theories. It introduces innovative ideas and approaches in a studio-based context. Students develop conceptual and technical skills to expand and cultivate their knowledge while undertaking experimental approaches to image making and image making technologies.

Students are introduced to key concepts specific to contemporary photographic portraiture. These are explored through various approaches that include documentary, staged and performative photography as well as analogue and digital technologies.

This subject encourages students to expand their understanding of what constitutes a photographic studio practice while developing a range of practical skills and an ability to engage actively with research. Students develop these skills while working practically on individual and group tasks that address a number of foundational approaches to making portraits in the lighting studio and in the street.

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Spring session, City campus

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