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76115 Insolvency

Requisite(s): 70417 Corporate Law OR 70327 Introduction to Property and Commercial Law
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


This subject provides an introduction to the administration and regulation of insolvent individuals and corporations. The subject aims to examine insolvency within the social context and impact of insolvency law. Students examine the legal procedures involved in insolvency law (such as winding up applications, lodging proofs of debt and distribution of insolvent estates) as well as the impact of insolvency on stakeholders such as employees, unsecured creditors, and individual and corporate debtors. Both individual and corporate insolvency are examined. All aspects of personal and corporate insolvency are studied but the subject places particular emphasis on examining the powers of insolvency administrators, voluntary administration, liquidation and the rights of creditors.

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