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76105 Disruptive Technologies and the Law

Requisite(s): 70102 Foundations of Law OR 70120 Legal Method and Research
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject covers the impact that disruptive technologies are having on the type of work that lawyers do and the way that they do it. There are three powerful forces at play in this space.

  1. Modern technology is changing the way that society does business and the way we relate to each other. As a consequence, technology is changing the way that different types of relationships breakdown and how laws are broken.
  2. Lawyers are confronted by and need to find new and better ways to manage and make sense of huge quantities of digital information and electronic correspondence.
  3. Regulators and legal professionals are struggling to keep pace with innovation.

This subject explores these three themes.

More than ever before, lawyers need to be problem solvers. They also need to be adaptive and technically capable.

Tech fluency should be part of every law graduate's armoury and this subject enhances these attributes.

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