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76074 Australian Civil Liberties Law

Requisite(s): ((70218 Criminal Law OR 70114 Criminal Law and Procedure) AND 70616 Australian Constitutional Law)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms arising from, and granted to, citizens of a country through constitutional law, the common law or statute. They may also have recognition in international human rights law and include freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention; freedom of speech, assembly and association; freedom of religion; and freedom from discrimination (the right to equality).

This subject develops students' understanding of the fundamentals of civil liberties and human rights in Australia by examining the role, scope and interaction of international human rights law; the Commonwealth Constitution; the common law; and the laws of the Commonwealth, states and territories.

Specific topics considered in this subject include the philosophies and principles which shape Australian civil liberties; the role of federal, state and territory laws in protecting or limiting individual liberties; the institutions established to protect liberties and legal issues arising from their operation; the development of liberties at common law; Australia's commitments under international conventions and treaties; and issues arising from contemporary social and political conditions.

Students explore aspects of international human rights law, Commonwealth, state and territory laws, analyse legal provisions, and develop a deeper understanding of the interactions between governments and individuals. They learn the language and skills of civil liberties lawyers, including how to identify legal issues concerning human rights; research related legal questions; and approach solving legal problems concerning civil liberties.

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