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76052 Dispute Resolution Advocacy

Requisite(s): 70104 Civil Practice OR 70517 Equity and Trusts
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject deals with the jurisprudence of dispute resolution, and the theory, dynamics and essential characteristics of the major dispute resolution processes, so that effective strategies for resolving a wide range of disputes can be formulated. The subject's emphasis is on the role of lawyers in dispute resolution processes; advising clients on, and preparing clients for, suitable dispute resolution processes; the institutionalising of dispute resolution processes; the nature of disputes and the theoretical, ethical and practical issues. Students develop their capacity to think critically, strategically, and creatively about the nature, role, and range of dispute resolution processes. A two-day intensive weekend workshop enables students to practice and develop their negotiation and mediation skills and understandings through simulated role-plays and exercises. This subject develops students’ oral and written communication skills through the use of participatory, student-led seminars and reflective practice. Students develop and refine their skills in researching, identifying, assessing, and critically analysing disputes and resolution processes.

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