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76048 Citizenship and Immigration Law

Requisite(s): ( 70617 Administrative Law OR ((70108c Public International Law OR 76006c Public International Law OR 76110c Introduction to Public International Law) AND 70110 Introduction to Law))
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Migration and citizenship policies have long provoked controversy. This subject examines Australian immigration law and policy from a variety of perspectives – contemporary and historical, substantive and procedural, statutory and regulatory and constitutional – including the criteria for admission to Australia as a permanent resident or a temporary migrant or the acquisition of citizenship, the grounds for exclusion or removal and the role of the courts in ensuring the legality of official action. There is also a focus on laws and policies that relate to those seeking asylum in Australia. The core issues at stake in this subject – the boundaries of political membership and debates about asylum, just treatment of non-citizens and population policies – have long played and continue to play a significant role in many areas of the law and present fundamental challenges to Australia.

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