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76019 Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulation

Requisite(s): 70616 Australian Constitutional Law
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Anti-requisite(s): 78178 Telecommunications Law and Regulations AND 78179 Telecommunications Law and Regulations


This subject addresses the law regulating the structure and content of electronic communications in Australia.

The subject covers the regulation of broadcasting, telecommunications and online content. It provides students with an understanding of the policy and legal framework and addresses such questions as who can provide these services; what regulatory obligations are imposed on businesses providing these services; how are these sectors regulated to ensure that competition is promoted and no persons have undue influence over communications in Australia; what rules are in place to ensure that Australians, regardless of wealth, location, etc. have access to communications services; and how does the law respond to the impact of new technology. This is a very topical course with a changing menu of current issues.

An introduction to both structural and content regulation is contextualised by a discussion of the changing nature of media and communications production, delivery and consumption, and the implications of this change for law and regulation. The subject considers some foundational aspects of media and communications regulation, including licensing and the separation of categories of communications services. It examines some specific aspects of regulation of broadcasting, telecommunications and online content, using case studies to explore contemporary legal and regulatory challenges.

Some of these contemporary issues include provision of broadband services and access across Australia, the switch to digital technology and the regulatory response as traditional broadcasting and telecommunications frameworks give way to a global multi-platform delivery environment.

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