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69503 Medical Laboratory Science Project Capstone

12cp; Attendance is negotiated with the project supervisor (i.e. Expect approximately 200 hours of work in total)
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Students undertake a short research investigation in a pathology, diagnostic, medical research or affiliated medical science laboratory under the supervision of an external partner and in association with the subject co-ordinator. Students contribute, in collaboration with their industry or external co-supervisor, to formulating the scope of the research project, including planning the research work. The student is responsible for carrying out the work, including appropriate and critical analysis of the data or information obtained, and writing up their findings in a formal written report which includes an introduction to the project, a description of the methods used, a presentation of the results obtained plus any analysis undertaken and a discussion of the results in the context of the relevant literature. The length of the report will be commensurate with the requirements of the place of the internship.

Students are also required to present a 15-minute online or in-person seminar summarising their research activities and outcomes to their project supervisor and the UTS subject co-ordinator, as well as optionally other UTS students, staff and industry or external partners.

Due to supervisory and infrastructure constraints, places in this subject are limited and it can only be undertaken with Faculty approval. Students should negotiate a suitable project in the first instance with an external industry partner. A project proposal, written in consultation with, and signed by the proposed supervisor must be sent to the MSc (MedLabSci) Program Director for formal approval. Where the project involves laboratory or fieldwork, a completed risk assessment form must also be provided with the approval request. Ethics approval is required for certain projects.

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