University of Technology Sydney

69368 Clean Energy Technology

6cp; 120-150 hrs total, 15-20 hrs/wk over 7 wks
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Providing a sustainable, affordable and secure energy future through the discovery and implementation of new technology and innovation is a key challenge for the 21st century. With more people requiring energy, effective solutions need to come from a wide range of sources. In the near term various energy innovations are needed and will be the key to global energy solutions. This subject delivers an advanced technical understanding of energy challenges related to the clean energy supply systems commonly used in our society and solutions for addressing them from a scientific perspective. However, students are taught that the natural sciences/technical approach to and solution of problems is only a part of the story, and collaboration with other scientific disciplines is vital. Operation principles of clean energy generation systems and their potential for applications across a range of industries are covered in this subject. Clean energy policies and market trends are introduced as means of sustainable development.

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