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68998 Honours (Physics) 1

24cp; The honours program has two components — a research project and a journal club — which run concurrently over the course of two semesters (subjects 68998 and 68999). Students should complete their research projects by no later than early October in time for thesis submission and a final seminar. The timeline of the project and critical milestones should be discussed with the project supervisor and the subject coordinator at the start of the session. Dates for the journal club, honours information sessions, progress update seminar and thesis defence will be provided in Canvas, along with support materials.
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The honours program is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary for research and other career paths that require critical thinking and problem solving. The principal activity is an individual research project in which the student, under supervision, plans and undertakes a research study in an area of applied physics. Typically, a project is designed based on a literature study, then data are collected and subjected to analysis and interpretation under the guidance of the supervisor. Students learn to define objectives and aims, work to available time and resources, use appropriate research methods, critically assess information, develop complex arguments in detail, and present their work in seminars and a thesis.

Students participate in a journal club where they present papers allocated to them, and discuss them in a group. The purpose of the journal club is to broaden the students’ knowledge base beyond their research projects, and to learn to communicate complex concepts in advanced physics.

The two Physics Honours Research subjects (68998 and 68999) combine over two semesters to form a single, continuous honours program.

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Autumn session, City campus

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