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68493 Advanced Pharmaceutical Science

Requisite(s): 68492 Principles of Pharmaceutical Science
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In this subject, students use the knowledge they have gained to lead projects which aim to solve problems currently experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. It assists students to integrate their specialist subject knowledge in the wider context of pharmaceutical science. Students study the global context of pharmaceuticals including their social and ethical implications. Students gain a deeper understanding of the regulation of therapeutic goods and medical devices in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The emphasis is on drug regulations and associated ethics, knowledge of the essential role of preclinical testing in the drug discovery process, intellectual property and pre-marketing and post- marketing of drugs. Aspects of pharmaceutical waste, its management and impact on the environment are discussed. This subject also encourages students to recognise the relationship between their academic studies and scientific research, broadening their perspective with regard to employment opportunities. Towards the conclusion of this subject, students undertake workshops on topics important to their future position as a pharmaceutical scientist.

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