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66067 Environments and Analytical Chemistry

6cp; 7 x 3hpw (practical class), 6 x 1hpw (workshops)
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Environments and Analytical Chemistry provides the tools and techniques necessary to make quantitative measurements of the extent of environmental alteration by natural or anthropogenic activities. Students explore the key concepts underlying the chemical evaluation of environmental samples including soils, sediments, and water in natural, agricultural, and urban settings. Students learn relevant methods through a blended laboratory-based practical program and online learning. This allows students to understand and practice key technical skills including correct sample collection procedures, sample storage, quality assurance and quality control protocols, the use of modern instruments including atomic spectrometric and IC instruments for inorganic elemental analysis, GC, GC-MS and HPLC instruments for organic components. Experience gained in this subject is essential for diverse careers in chemical testing laboratories, environmental protection agencies, and environmental consultancy firms.

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