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65606 Analytical Chemistry 3

6cp; 6hpw: 2hpw (lecture, online), 4hpw (practical class)
Requisite(s): 65409 Analytical Chemistry 2


Analytical Chemistry 1 (65306) and Analytical Chemistry 2 (65409) introduced key instrumental techniques, underlying scientific principles, applications, and statistical concepts and developed laboratory skills that are required daily in the professional life of an analytical chemist. This subject builds on the scientific foundation conveyed in previous subjects and aims to introduce students to recent developments, current matters, modern aspects, and future directions of Analytical Chemistry.

Lectures of Analytical Chemistry 3 cover advanced instrumental techniques which are employed to excel analytical performances and achieve cutting-edge research. Recent improvements and current directions are increasingly implemented in various analytical workflows and are becoming indispensable in various industrial and scientific disciplines including life-, environmental-, materials- and medical sciences as well as nanotechnology and industrial manufacturing. This subject provides an introduction into these modern concepts and grants an introduction into hyphenated techniques, bioimaging, speciation analysis, nanotechnology, novel sensors, advanced mass spectrometry, miniaturisation, environmental analyses, sample preparation, robust calibration strategies and new directions in separation sciences. In this frameworks, real world applications and industrial implementations are discussed, and future outlooks provided.

Practical courses are designed to train students on state-of-the-art analytical technologies and sample preparation methods. Students work in supervised groups to solve real-world analytical scenarios and are required to develop self-organisation, teamwork, and leadership. A focus is set on rigorous documentation, critical and analytical thinking, intra and intergroup communication, academic writing, and presentation of results.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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