University of Technology Sydney

65314 Complex Cases

6cp; 3hpw (practicals), 2hpw (workshops)
Requisite(s): 65316 Criminalistics


This subject is designed as an advanced practical subject where the students apply techniques and principles gained in previous forensic subjects to process a mock case from the investigation of the crime scene to the writing of an expert witness report. It aims to familiarise the students with the management of a complex forensic case involving more than one type of trace. It is a practice-oriented subject involving crime scene investigation, forensic analysis of various types of traces previously studied (i.e. marks and impressions, chemical, biological and digital traces), results interpretation, and preparation of expert witness reports, with a strong focus on trace prioritisation based on relevant case information. The practice in the laboratory is complemented by various workshops, group discussions and presentations, where the students learn how to develop propositions, apply a scientific approach and present their case results and further refine their understanding of forensic science as a whole.

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