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65213 Chemistry 2 (Advanced)

6cp; 7hpw (4hrs lecture, 3hrs practical)
Requisite(s): 65111 Chemistry 1
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Anti-requisite(s): 65212 Chemistry 2


The study of chemistry is central to an understanding of the physical world, and is fundamental to the study of biology, geology, and environmental science. This subject builds on and develops further the material introduced in 65111 Chemistry 1. The subject is divided into the broad areas of physical chemistry (equilibria, kinetics and thermochemistry) and organic chemistry (carbon compounds and their reactions, including biological molecules such as proteins, sugars and nucleic acids). The study of physical chemistry allows for the explanation and prediction of chemical reactivity and energetics, while organic chemistry provides the building blocks for understanding the complexity of the natural world.

This subject also covers extension topics in areas such as inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and forensic chemistry.

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