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65010 Forensic Toxicology and Drug Analysis

8cp; 5hpw: 2hpw (workshop), 3hpw (practical)
Requisite(s): 65019 Foundations of Forensic Science
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This subject examines the underpinning science of drugs and poisons relevant to matters that arise in judicial proceedings – that is forensic toxicology. The subject also takes a more detailed look at the chemistry, pharmacology and societal context of a number of groups of illicit substances. The online modules cover topics including mechanisms of action, the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs and poisons from the body as well as the signs and symptoms associated with the use of common drugs and poisons. In addition, several classes of drugs, such as stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and mixed-effect drugs, are examined, focusing on their routes of synthesis, chemical profiling techniques, sampling and analysis protocols and construction and operation of clandestine laboratories. The subject also provides an overview of state and federal laws relevant to licit and illicit drugs and poisons and social issues related to the use of recreational drugs and the 'war on drugs'. The practical component is designed to reinforce topics covered in online modules and seeks to give students experience in solving problems associated with the analysis of a wide range of biological matrices relevant to the profession.

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