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65008 Crime Scene Investigation and Management

8cp; Lectures (online), Workshop (1 x 4 hours), Practical sessions (5 x 4 hours) Elective: Introduction to Human Remains - (2 x 6 hours) field trips; Advanced Laboratory Techniques - (3 x 4 hours) laboratory sessions.
Requisite(s): 65019 Foundations of Forensic Science AND 65009 Forensic Inference and Interpretation
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This subject expands on the techniques, methods and interpretation skills required within the forensic science discipline. Students will gain the knowledge and skills required to examine, investigate and manage a crime scene drawing on knowledge and skills from Foundations of Forensic Science 65019 and Forensic Inference and Interpretation 65009. The subject allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of industry-relevant crime scene procedures and techniques while learning about some of the more common types of scenes they may encounter in a work environment. Building on this concept, students are also expected to identify and mitigate hazards at the scene and capture, evaluate and exploit a variety of physical evidence in realistic forensic scenarios.

The final three weeks of the subject gives students the opportunity to diversify their skills further by selecting an elective topic from either An Introduction to Human Remains or Advanced Laboratory Techniques. In An Introduction to Human Remains, students will learn how to detect and process clandestine graves. Advanced Laboratory Techniques gives students an opportunity to learn complex exhibit examination associated with blood mark development techniques in a laboratory environment. By the completion of this subject, students will be proficient in both the autonomous and collaborative management of complex forensic scenarios.

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