University of Technology Sydney

60712 Digital Media Fundamentals for Science Communication

6cp; 4hpw (2 hr lecture; 2 hr tutorial)


Digital technologies have reshaped the way people learn, socialise, communicate, share, seek for work, and so on. It is now embedded in all human activity. This creates opportunities but also challenges for 21st-century professionals who have a role and a social responsibility as a scientist to communicate effectively in the digital space. Graduates require know-how and creative skills to produce industry-standard digital media content. They also need to understand their role as digital media producers in the digital economy, and in media ecologies. In this subject, students are provided with the fundamental skills for digital media production, from an audio recording to image capture, animations, posters, websites, digital stories and video. The focus of this subject is to develop conceptual skills for digital media production, functional skills such as the use of software and audiovisual skills or digital media principles. Students work with multiple media platforms to create narratives to communicate evidence-based concepts while building skills in digital media production and contributing to their digital portfolio. While creating digital media, students develop research skills, exercise their creativity, develop problem-solving skills, collaboration, conflict resolution and understanding of diversity. They also develop lifelong learning skills. This subject is hands on and students learn by doing and interacting with their peers.

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