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60112 Biotechnology Research Internship Project B

8cp; as required by the project and supervisor
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Research projects in medical biotechnology provide students with an opportunity to undertake a session-long research project within one of the research groups at UTS or collaboratively with an external organisation. The project provides students with additional training and skills required to undertake research in medical biotechnology as well as further developing their investigative and communication skills in the medical biotechnology context.

Students work within a laboratory under the supervision of a member of academic staff. In collaboration with their UTS supervisor and, where appropriate, an industry or external co-supervisor, students work to formulate the scope of the research project, including planning the research work. The student is responsible for carrying out the work, including appropriate and critical analysis of the data or information obtained, and writing up their findings in a formal written report (2500–4000 words approx.).

Due to supervisory and infrastructure constraints, places in this subject are limited and it can only be undertaken with faculty approval. Students should approach the program director and potential supervisors about project availability in the first instance. A project proposal, written in consultation with, and signed by the proposed supervisor must be sent to the Program Director for formal approval. Where the project involves laboratory or fieldwork, a completed Research Project Safety Plan (RPSP) must also be provided with the approval request. Ethics approval is required for certain projects.

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