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60007 Specialist Learning Subject

6cp; this subject is offered wholly online. Online pre-recorded lectures. Online class meetings as required, however the subject is designed to be primarily self directed using online resources provided; Only students enrolled in C10186 who have not previously completed 91706 Neuroscience should enrol in this subject.


Neuroscience for Traditional Chinese Medicine: This subject provides an advanced understanding of the physiological basis of the nervous system and neuroanatomy, including the brain, spinal cord and nerves of the body. The nervous system is crucial for life and enables senses, movement and thinking.

This subject advances previous physiological subjects by providing an in-depth study of neuroscience relevant to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It covers physiology of excitable tissue and introductory neurochemistry; synaptic transmission and neurotransmitter systems; and anatomy and functions of the nervous system. The subject also provides an understanding of the chemical control of the brain and behaviour; sleep, emotion, and memory systems and learning; and disease states such as schizophrenia and mental illness, etc. The assessment has been designed to support an understanding and application of neurophysiology for Chinese Medicine, particularly in relation to acupuncture.

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Autumn session, City campus

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