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60005 Wildlife Field Techniques: Animal Handling and Survey Methods



In this subject, students learn how to design and carry out wildlife surveys using industry-standard techniques whilst developing the skills to safely and humanely handle native wildlife.

The four-week online component covers animal ethics, standard operating procedures, work health and safety considerations, disease control procedures, basic animal first aid, relocation and transport of wildlife, and appropriate design of wildlife surveys.

During the hands-on field trip, students carry out wildlife surveys and learn how to safely and effectively handle a diverse range of native wildlife likely to be encountered in the field or in the workplace.

The course consists of four online modules and a three-day field trip to Shoalhaven Zoo, a wildlife park in Nowra, from Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th March 2021.

Online modules cover animal ethics, work health and safety when dealing with animals, wildlife first aid, and standard operating procedures for carrying out wildlife surveys, and handling and transporting wildlife.

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