University of Technology Sydney

54411 Context: Design for 3D and Hybrid Animation

Requisite(s): 54408 Context: Animation Character Rigging Advanced OR 82420 Context: Animation Character Rigging Advanced
Anti-requisite(s): 82027 Context: Design for 3D and Hybrid Animation


This subject introduces students to animation pre-production using 3D animation. In this mode of practice, learning includes asset development and testing, applying lighting, staging, texturing and rendering for a 3D computer animation pipeline. In 3D animation the meticulous development of digital assets during preproduction differentiates 3D from traditional drawn animation and has some similarities with traditional miniature and puppet animation, reimagined to use digital techniques.

Modern animation production requires an appreciation of not only 3D but hybrid digital techniques blending and compositing multimodal elements. The subject examines the creation and integration of 3D animation in a matrix of production pathways and co-dependencies, including photographed and drawn imagery. Students expand the skills and techniques introduced in 54408 Context: Animation Character Rigging, exploring hybrid production techniques including integration of drawn, photographed and 3D-generated imagery.

Students develop 3D digital and hybrid techniques and practise using relevant software, demonstrate design and production solutions, and develop creative responses to the problems and tasks presented in class.

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Autumn session, City campus

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