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54080 Media Power

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Anti-requisite(s): 58226 Media, Mediation, Power


Media power shapes individual and social environments from womb to tomb and beyond, raising questions about who controls our media lives: corporations or citizens? Governments or revolutionaries? Working in teams students use classic and cutting-edge media studies concepts to debate current media controversies such as privacy, trolling, cyberdating, manipulation, activism, ownership, avatars, diversity, and digital addictions to TV series, social media and games. Students acquire new skills in critical appraisal, research design, analysis and research reporting, and develop powerful research questions, and design and conduct original and ethical research projects. Students investigate key aspects of media audiences, producers, communities, media practice and power structures, building their research capacity for future media research careers, honours studies and beyond. Practical research skills are combined with communication practice in this media studies subject investigating media power.

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