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54075 Creative Writing Project

Requisite(s): (54072 Narrative and Theory OR 58330 Narrative and Theory) AND (54073 Genre Writing OR 58902 Writing Through Genre)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 58331 Creative Writing Project


The capstone in the Creative Writing major, this subject enables students to complete a portfolio of work, in a chosen form or genre, to a professional standard. Working under academic guidance as well as independently and with input from industry professionals, students gain an understanding of their own creative practice and the way it might be positioned within literary and other creative industries. They develop skills in editing, revision and professional presentation, and acquire the confidence to enable them to submit their work for publication. Students write in a form and for a publication or outlet of their choice.

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