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54074 Writing Laboratory

Requisite(s): 54072 Narrative and Theory OR 58330 Narrative and Theory OR 54073 Genre Writing OR 58902 Writing Through Genre OR 58216 Imagining the Real OR 58217 Experiments in Culture OR 54071 Imagining the Real
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 58313 Writing Laboratory


This subject encourages an innovative and experimental approach to writing. The laboratory is an environment that enables students to link concepts and practices. The subject is focused on inquiry as well as practice, to encourage critical reflection on creativity in an evolving publishing environment. It explores key questions and texts from cultural, critical and literary debates, stressing ideas about contemporary experience. Students may compose in any medium or form they choose, to develop a written project for their main assessment task: fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, graphic or multimedia, poetry, philosophical or fictocritical writing, or other innovative forms. This subject considers the design as well as the content of writing, and students are asked to practise innovative and non-traditional ways of presenting or delivering written work that is also of a professional standard.

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