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54052 Economy, Society and Globalism

Requisite(s): 54050 Self and Society OR 54051 Politics, Ideologies and Beliefs OR 58122 Introduction to Social Inquiry
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 58123 Society, Economy and Globalisation


A critical understanding of how globally interconnected economies work is essential for anyone in communications. In recent decades, the ideology of the free market has gained a powerful influence over governments. Reflecting this, our everyday lives are increasingly structured by global markets, corporations, and institutions; often beyond the reach of democracy. In this subject, students investigate the contest of ideas around policies of marketisation, privatisation, deregulation and austerity, not just to understand economic forces, but how they may be changed. Students gain a grounding in economic literacy through researching an everyday commodity such as coffee or oil, discovering how it is produced, traded, consumed and disposed of. They analyse the role of people and organisations in creating and transforming globalisation, and efforts to promote social justice and sustainability.

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