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54045 Organisational Communication

Requisite(s): (54042 Principles of Public Relations OR 58117 Principles of Public Relations) AND (54043 Strategic Public Relations OR 58128 Strategic Public Relations)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 58231 Organisational Communication


In this subject, students develop their understanding of internal communication functions, practices and challenges in organisational settings. Students critically reflect on the role of public relations in managing communication activities in workplace environments. They unpack content covered in lectures through collaborative tutorial activities that include small group discussions on assigned readings and case studies, simulated role-playing exercises, scenario mapping and class presentations. Students collaborate in teams in developing internal communication campaigns that suggest public relations strategies and tactics in addressing organisational issues nominated by the teaching team. Students have the option to create specific outputs such as corporate website or blog mock-ups, social media activities, e-newsletters, posters, digital flyers, or other texts as practical components of their communication campaigns. Student learning focuses on exploring topics relevant to contemporary organisational practice such as organisational cultures and metaphors, group/team dynamics, informal and formal communication (both online and offline), employee engagement, leadership, decision making and issues/change communication management in organisations.

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