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52900 Active Resilience in the Workplace

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This subject is only offered until the end of 2023. It will not be available for enrolment in 2024 and beyond.


Standard workplace stressors of deadlines, policy shifts, new technology, staff incompatibilities, as well as major disruptive events like an economic recession, can evoke emotional reactions that negatively impact the ability to operate effectively. This subject aims to demonstrate the usefulness of active resilience as a core skill for people in or entering the workforce. Students explore the ways active resilience can assist them to minimise their risk of errors, reduce the intensity of overwhelming emotions, and help them better navigate work situations during periods of uncertainty, change, disruption and crisis. Students learn what resilience is and why it’s necessary; how the brain, mind and emotions process what’s occurring and impact decision-making; and to select and apply proven tactics to help regain composure during high-pressure situations and improve the likelihood of making well-informed choices.

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