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50724 Exchange Subject E



The UTS International Exchange program offers students the option of completing part of their study in another country and receiving credit towards their degree at UTS. UTS: Communication participates in this program, under which students have the opportunity to undertake study at an exchange partner university. Applicants for exchange must have their study at the exchange partner university approved by UTS: Communication's international coordinator. The subject studied at the exchange partner university should have relevance to a student's course of study, and be taught and assessed in an acceptable format. Further information is available from UTS: Communication.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus,
Spring session, City campus

The subject is usually offered in these sessions. To confirm availability check the UTS Timetable Planner.

Detailed subject description.

Fee information

Information to assist with determining the applicable fee type can be found at Understanding fees.

Access conditions

Note: The requisite information presented in this subject description covers only academic requisites. Full details of all enforced rules, covering both academic and admission requisites, are available at access conditions and My Student Admin.