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49655 Integrated Logistic Support

6cp; block (typically 2 x 2-day blocks)



Effectiveness of engineered systems is often judged by the extent to which they fulfil their intended purpose. In order for any engineered system to fulfil its purpose in a sustained manner, the system itself must be sustained and supported. This role invariable is assigned to a 'support system'. This means that this support system must be envisaged, created and used with just as much care, thought and rigour as the system it supports. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is a key discipline that allows dealing with this requirement when developing, using and managing a support system. It allows the highlighting of the factors that are crucial to mission success at an early stage, using a life-cycle-based approach, and ensures that these factors are appropriately encapsulated in any system acquisition and operation. This subject provides students with an introduction to ILS. It uses concepts from systems thinking and engineering to contextualise ILS and its importance in systems development, management and support. Students are encouraged to consider the applicability of concepts and techniques used to support various systems and their value in dealing with complexity.

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