University of Technology Sydney

49052 Engineering Graduate Project (18cp in one session)

18cp; individual supervision; availability: Master of Engineering



The project is a course requirement taken over one or two sessions or, in exceptional circumstances, three. It is undertaken on an individual basis, except in special circumstances approved in advance by the Faculty Board in Engineering and Information Technology, and provides opportunity for the integration and application of advanced skills and knowledge gained in part through other subjects taken during the course. The depth and extent of the project are set on the basis of an agreed project plan submitted by the student to the supervisor, and approved by the director of postgraduate coursework programs. The project may involve: the development of new technology (hardware and/or software); the application of technology; research addressing a significant technical or engineering management issue or in special circumstances; and a critical review in the area of students' concentration, describing key contributions in the field covered by the project work undertaken, results achieved and a discussion of their significance and implications.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City Campus

Spring session, City Campus

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Access conditions

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