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48660 Dynamics and Control

6cp; Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject have changed to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in our community.
Requisite(s): 48640 Machine Dynamics
Anti-requisite(s): 41058 Dynamic Systems and Control A
Recommended studies:

engineering mechanics including statics and dynamics; machine dynamics

Fields of practice: Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering majors



The objectives of this subject are to: have an understanding of the behaviour of linear (or approximately linear) dynamic systems that are typically encountered in the practice of mechanical engineering; and gain an understanding of how such systems can be controlled, or have their dynamics altered, so as to achieve desired outcomes. Topics covered include:

  • dynamic models: component block diagram, laplace transform, undamped free and forced vibration of SDOF systems, damped free and forced vibration of SDOF systems, resonance and beats, logarithmic decrement, response under the harmonic motion of the base, coupled-tank systems, vibration of 2DOF systems, vibration isolation, vibration absorbers
  • Matlab and Simulink
  • dynamic response: system modelling diagrams, poles and zeros, effect of pole locations, first order systems, second order systems, effects of zeros and additional poles, stability
  • basic properties of feedback: the basic equations of control, control of steady-state error, PID control, pole placement method
  • the root-locus design method: root-locus of a basic feedback systems, dynamic compensation, examples
  • control system implementation and introduction to advanced control systems.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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