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48642 Strength of Engineering Materials

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Requisite(s): 48331 Mechanics of Solids
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Anti-requisite(s): 43014 Applied Mechanics and Design B
Recommended studies:

Knowledge of mechanics of solids including stress formulas and moment of inertia is essential for this subject.

Fields of practice: Mechanical Engineering major, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering major



This subject draws on, and brings together, the knowledge and skills developed in earlier subjects such as 48620 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, 60101 Chemistry and Materials Science, and 48331 Mechanics of Solids. It also prepares students for the more dedicated design subjects to come and exposes them to practical aspects of mechanical engineering design. The objectives are that students should be able to: understand, describe and use the methodology of modelling material properties and behaviour; understand and describe the fundamental differences in the behaviour of different types of materials; understand and describe how and why things fail; realise the importance of material selection in engineering design; predict, or design to avoid, failure given the material, environment and loading conditions; and use analytical skills in stress analysis and knowledge of material properties in mechanical design. Topics include: the use of stress analysis and material properties in materials selection and mechanical design; stress analysis – revise concept of normal and shear stress; combined stress; structures and m/c components; impact; material behaviour – time dependent material properties; strength; failure modes – theories, criteria for static failure (e.g. Tresca, von Mises, Mohr), fracture, creep, and fatigue; and strain energy methods.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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