University of Technology Sydney

48580 Control Studio B

Requisite(s): 48560 Control Studio A
Recommended studies: previous study of simple control systems using transfer functions and state-variables is essential

Fields of practice: Electrical Engineering major



Autonomous control systems play an essential role in modern society. Classical linear control approaches can be used to govern (linear) systems where normally one variable needs to be controlled (e.g., room temperature in an air-conditioning system, water level in a tank, etc.). However, there are many modern complex process and applications that require control systems to autonomously govern several variables at the same time, e.g., power systems, industrial process, aircraft, electric vehicles, etc. Moreover, some systems can even present nonlinear dynamics, which further complicate the control process design. For this reason, more sophisticated control techniques (compared to classical methods learned in previous subjects) need to be designed and implemented to govern more complex systems.

This studio subject focuses on aspects of advanced control engineering design for multivariable systems. The overall aim of this studio is to provide a rich and attractive practice-based learning environment for electrical engineering students to deeply learn and become professionally competent in advanced control engineering. Students will work from concept stage to realisation of product, thus, striking a balance between theory and practice. To realise these aims, this studio focuses on the methods of reflective design practice, teamwork, mentoring, and deep learning techniques, including immersion in difficult problems. The subject allows students to move towards senior roles in teams, expects students to become accomplished in reflection, and demonstrate application of modern and advanced control engineering skills, with an accent on design, simulation and practical validation.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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