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48364 Materials Testing

Requisite(s): 48331 Mechanics of Solids


Construction materials used by engineers, independent of their disciplines, vary significantly in their compositions, properties and service performance. Failure of these materials to function effectively in service conditions may lead to extensive damage to components, equipment and structures. In many cases, with the failure of the materials, public safety is also affected. It is important for the engineers to have sound knowledge on the construction materials used in relation to their specification, testing methods, analysis and interpretation of test results. Material testing experience is needed to familiarise test methods and the use of modern equipment. In addition, it provides a practical understanding of design concepts such as stress, strain, strength, stiffness, failure, durability, etc. This subject provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of test methods for civil engineering materials and recognises the applications and limitation of the testing techniques. This subject is designed to provide opportunity to understand a variety of testing techniques used to evaluate the properties of materials. Techniques include destructive testing, non-destructive testing, durability testing, thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy, etc. Principles of the techniques, data analysis and applications of the techniques to engineering problems such as failure analysis and phase transformations are studied. After successfully completing this subject, students are able to: (i) discuss the principles of a variety of standard and non-standard testing techniques used to assess materials; (ii) explain the applications and limitations of these techniques; (iii) demonstrate a basic level of proficiency in the use of selected testing methods; (iv) select appropriate techniques to assess engineering materials or investigate problems; and (v) present the test results confidently and in a professional manner.

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