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48122 Engineering Practice Review 1

Requisite(s): 48110 Engineering Experience 1
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Engineering Practice



Engineering Practice Review 1 guides students through a process of thoughtful reflection and review of their engineering practice. Workplace issues are examined and students are assisted in developing appropriate professional strategies. Students identify the technical and professional advancement that has occurred as a consequence of their experience, and integrate these new ideas with their existing knowledge frameworks. This learning is documented for peer and professional review. Since each student's work experience is unique, all students benefit from sharing and discussing their experiences. However, this subject assists all students to receive a firm grounding in the fundamentals of engineering workplace practice, including the nature and culture of the engineering workplace, the employment process, ethics and social responsibility, communication and documentation, the application of engineering method, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, and personal and professional development.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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