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48071 Engineering Analytical Modelling




This subject builds on students' knowledge of mathematics from the TAFE and polytechnic Diploma. It assumes a knowledge of introductory calculus. It provides students with an understanding and use of numerical methods in the engineering environment. It lays the foundations to enable students to confidently use numerical techniques in subsequent subjects and the work environment. Topics include: applications of sequences and series; linear algebra; matrices, vectors and determinants; applications of matrices and vectors; vector algebra in 2-space and 3-space; introduction to vector calculus and applications; curve fitting using least squares methods for polynomials, log-linear and log-log relationships; engineering applications of differential equations (first and second order); numerical methods in linear algebra and in the solution of differential equations; graph theory and optimisation; use of the Simplex method; introduction to combinatorial optimisation; probability and statistics including probability theory, permutations and combinations, probability distributions, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions; sampling, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

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