University of Technology Sydney

48001 Project BEngSc

6cp; weekly.
Requisite(s): (96 credit points of completed study in C10066 Bachelor of Engineering Science OR 96 credit points of completed study in C10077 Bachelor of Engineering Science Engineering Innovation)) AND (((48250c Economics and Finance for Engineering Projects OR 48260 Engineering Project Management)) OR (22107c Accounting for Business Decisions A AND 25311c Financial Management for New Enterprises)
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Anti-requisite(s): 48006 Capstone Project AND 48012 Capstone Project AND 48016 Capstone Project Part A AND 48026 Capstone Project Part B



This project subject provides students with the opportunity to consolidate their prior learning in an open-ended, multidisciplinary engineering project. Students work as part of a team that integrates most aspects of a full engineering design cycle, and contemporary engineering project management methodologies.

They are expected to develop client requirements through consultative processes, and to develop engineering specifications appropriate to the various stages in the project cycle. They assess alternative solutions and develop preferred options. Students gain experience in defining and articulating needs and evaluating engineering responses.

They produce a comprehensive report documenting the engineering process and project outcomes, and are also required to present aspects of the project through a variety of communication media, including online and face-to-face modes.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City Campus

Spring session, City Campus

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Access conditions

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